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Post operative instruction

In the presence of restorative fillings in your mouth, Amalgam fillings:

Regular tooth brushing after meals and before going to bed.

Avoid chewing or biting on the filling for the first 24 hours.

Avoid vigorous flossing at the amalgam formed proximal surfaces.

If a margin of the amalgam is fractured try to brush that tooth well and try to review your dentist to re-restore that tooth.

As an average the amalgam filling would last for 7-10 years so don’t think it’s a life lasting restoration.

As for tooth colored restorations:

Composite filling material do shrink while hardening, therefore some pain may occur one to two days following the restoration.

Tooth brush bristles ,tooth picks hard food boli and restorations which are opposite to composite and glass ionomer , all of them will affect the potential wear of tooth colored restorations.

On average posterior composite fillings should serve for 15 year in a relatively caries free mouth.

Drinking a lot of tea and coffee will cause the filling to get stained.

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